Hadzabe & Datoga Visit

Datoga and Datoga visit


We have very unique tribes that the clients will pay a visit to. Hadzabe and Datoga are the very unique tribes we have in the area, the last hunter-gatherer’s tribe left in Tanzania.

The Hadzabe bushmen live in and around Lake Eyasi, just south of the Ngorongoro Highlands. This region is also home to the Datoga and Mbulu tribes. A cultural visit with the Hadzabe and theDatoga is possible and they will show you how and where they live. One of the oldest tribes in Africa, the Hadzabe have consistently lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle without ever having to resort to farming. The Datoga are skilled farmers and crafts people. They keep goats, sheep, donkeys and chickens. However, cattle are by far their most important domestic animal. The meat, fat, blood, milk, hide, horns, tendons and dung of every animal have either practical or ritual purposes


Arrive at Kilimanjaro International airport, met and greeted by Salenge Adventure driver-guide, and assisted through customs and immigration formalities. Thereafter, drive to Arusha town. Dinner and overnight at The Requested Hotel: Half board.


Breakfast in the lodge, depart for Lake Eyasi safari to meet up the elusive Hadzabe and Datoga tribes, whom you learn more about their fascinating culture. Picnic lunch then we leave for the Dagota village tour then back in the evening for the overnight. Dinner and overnight at Tindiga Tented camp: Full board.


Start off early with your bushman guide to meet a group of resident Hadzabe people. Enjoy the Hadzabe Tour walking into the bush with the only hunter-gatherers remaining in the East African region. The Hadzabe speak a click-based language and move their encampments with the seasonal movements of the wildlife. Your guide is a member of the group and teaches you more about how they hunt, track wildlife, make fires, and even take honey from bee’s nests before introducing you to his people and explaining a little more about the customs and the way of life. In the afternoon we travel to the Maasai market where you will have the opportunity to get the spectacular photos you want. Hundred of Maasai gathers each Thursday afternoon at the bustling Maasai market, where visitors have the chance to see their crafts and taste their food, including the famous Maasai BBQ. A larger, village wide market occurs on the 22nd of each month.In the late afternoon, we drive back to Arusha for the overnight.Dinner and overnight at Masailand Safari Lodge: Half board.

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