Treat Yourself to the Holiday of Your Dreams

Let us take care of your vacation while you relax on the beach, explore historic Stone Town, or watch for wildlife on a safari tour. We’re here to plan your all-inclusive itinerary in Zanzibar so you can get the most of your holiday. Travel care-free with our ultimate custom-made vacation packages!

Zanzibar is an amazing home for beach tours and holidays in the whole of East Africa. It is marvellous to vacate on some of the best Africa’s beaches on the famous Zanzibar Archipelago. The ambience at these calm white sand palm beaches smells only of peace and tranquillity. Most interesting is that the various beach hotels and lodges are internationally standardised. You will find all categories of accommodation to suit your lifestyle from upscale luxury, average luxury to budget and cheap but decent lodgings. You can also visit the neighbouring Mafia Archipelago with a more tranquil ambience offering you private small intimate lodgings. You will get high value at Mafia if you desire to have a personalised serene vacation possibly with only your loved one on isolated sandbars surrounded by shallow coral seas.

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